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Immaculate Conception/St. Bridget’s Parish is a community of multicultural believers drawn together by our faith in Jesus Christ. We worship God through prayerful and inspiring liturgies. We are a Roman Catholic Community with African American traditions. Most parishioners live outside of our immediate parish area but travel by many churches to get to this one. The Church membership is of African American, Latino, Caribbean, African and European cultures. We invite the Holy Spirit to come in and know we’ve come this far by faith. We are a small but close knit Christian community with heart felt worship, honest friendships and compassionate care for those in need. When you join us for prayer and worship you will find that we are warm, open and welcoming to all.

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Parish Council

George Fontenette (trustee), Myrtle Fontenette (staff), Joanne Gordon, Ramona Moore, Keith Parris, Harry Pierre-Philippe (staff), Vincent Stroud (chair). Meetings are generally, the first Saturday of the month - September to June



Rev. Raymond Fleming

Richard Rall

Myrtle Fontenette
Harry Pierre-Philippe

Religious Education Coordinators

Carol Wynne
Regional Finance Director

Jeanne Engelbrecht 
Regional Business Manager

Kevin David
Facilities Director


Vasyl Danylyshyn

Tracy Jordan 
Executive Assistant

Vincent Stroud 
Pastoral Council Chair


Joanie Fraver
Finance Council Chair

Neffee Pinnock Smith

Music Director

Become a Member

We look forward to your visit and hope that you will decide to make our church your home by becoming an active member. We have a small but active parish for all ages. Our youth are active in all aspects of our liturgy: children’s liturgy of the word, youth choir, liturgical dance, ushers, and lectors. The adult faith formation includes Bible Study, Hospitality, Social Ministries, RCIA, men’s group and a newly formed adult liturgical dance team. Please pick up a registration form located in the rear of the church or call the church office to register.


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